Wimbledon & The Fashion It Inspires

While I got caught up in World Cup fever, I completely forgot what was going on with the first sport I fell in love with, tennis. Before I got into football and fantasy football, or even baseball, all I ever watches sports-wise was tennis. I actually played tennis when I was young and my dad instilled his love of the game in me. We would watch the majors together and when I moved to Canada, I’d watch it to feel closer to him. The French Open and Wimbledon were always my favorites. This week Wimbledon is starting and I may have to miss out on a few World Cup matches to watch Rafael Nadal & co. Meanwhile, the all white uniform that the tournament requires has got me to thinking on how to incorporate that color to my summer wardrobe:


1. I always love seeing what Maria Sharapove and the Williams sisters are wearing so it’s no coincidence that a white dress is the first thing I thought of.
2. These lace shorts may not practical on the court, but it’s perfect for almost anything else.
3. A tennis sweater for those windy summery days or if you’re lucky enough to attend, the rainy afternoons in Wimbledon.
4. I’m sure the rules can be bent with these not-all-white Keds x kate spade. The spots are just too cute.
5. Blazers are not uncommon to be worn by both players and spectators at Wimbledon. This one should be light enough for the summer but chic enough to be worn all year round.

Happy Monday!


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