It Happened This Week…

It’s been a pretty slow news week in terms of nerdy stuff but here’s a few things you might find interesting:

…in Hollywood
Tsk, tsk, tsk, the more I hear about Disney’s Descendants, the less excited I get. The premise was a weird one to begin with but now, these photos don’t really inspire confidence, do they?

…in Brazil
The Round of 16 has been determined for FIFA’s 2014 World Cup as of today. Spain, England, Portugal and Italy have been eliminated while Costa Rica, Colombia, Algeria and Greece look to make it further than they’ve ever gone before. I’m very excited to cheer on the Netherlands this weekend and the USA on Canada Day. What a World Cup this has been so far!

…in Toronto
World Pride Week is underway! There have been and still will be lots of activities tomorrow and this weekend. I’m so proud to be living in such an inclusive and diverse city. I’ll definitely try to squeeze in some festivities this weekend in between the World Cup games.


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