It Happened This Week…

This week has been great for nerdy news so let’s get right to it!

…in Starling City
A new character has been added to ARROW’s Season 3’s roster and this is exciting news indeed. Devon Aoki will be playing Katana, one of my favorite comic book characters. If you watch the show, you will be aware that Season 2 ends with Oliver Queen getting off the island (finally!) and arriving in Hong Kong. I can’t wait to see their interpretation of the character.

…in Brazil
The USA, one of the teams I’ve been cheering for, has been eliminated this week in a heartbreaking yet amazing match against Belgium. I just want to take the time to pay tribute to Tim Howard and the rest of the US Men’s Soccer Team. Here’s to more incredibly exciting matches tomorrow and Saturday!

…in Greendale
Let’s all give each other self-fives, fellow Human Beings. Community is going to be renewed for a sixth season and then potentially (hopefully) gets its own movie, thanks to Yahoo! Now if only Troy Barnes can return somehow, this timeline would be the brightest.

…at 221B Baker Street
For future reference, any news regarding Sherlock no matter how small will most definitely be mentioned on this blog. Same goes for Game of Thrones. Not only are we getting the standard three-episode season but we’re also getting a special! Filming will begin in January 2015. Now can someone invent a time-machine so I can fast forward to the release date? Kaythanksbye.


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