2014 World Cup Semi-Finals in Food Part 2

Yesterday, I did a post wondering what if the 2014 World Cup semi-finals came down to food. We all saw that Germany won at soccer but had it been down to bratwurst versus churrasco, who knows whose cuisine would triumph? Now let’s take a look at the second semi-final showdown.

Argentina vs Netherlands, July 9, 4 pm EST

If you read this blog, then you’ll probably know that I cheer for the Netherlands. But after looking up what kind of food they have in Argentina, I may consider switching sides. They apparently live for BBQ like I do. Plus they take their desserts super seriously. So it’s no surprise that my top two dishes are:
Asado with Chimichurri
Maybe I should just get on a plane and go all over the world to sample every country’s take on BBQ because come on, just look at that. Plus they have an awesome sauce to go with it. What more can I ask for? Well maybe suggestions on where I can get great Argentinean food in Toronto. I think Kensington Market might be a good place to find some.

Dulce de leche
I was not kidding when I told you they’re pretty serious with dessert. Give me anything that has this divine sweet sauce either spread inside or slathered on top. I don’t care. I’m so in love with this creamy confection that I just about lost it when my favorite cupcake store in the city filled their chocolate cupcakes with it. Alas it was only a limited edition flavor. Fingers crossed they bring it back.

Ah, the Dutch, the team I supported from the beginning of this World Cup. They have been so fun to watch, if at times nerve-wracking, and I can’t wait to cheer them on later today. Hopefully they can pull out a win against Messi, but if they don’t then they can take consolation in the fact that they have some of the tastiest snacks I’ve ever had. For their game against Mexico, we went to The Ossington, a bar that served Dutch snacks. After sampling several, here are my top two:
My neighbor Jons wasn’t kidding when he told me that Dutch cuisine has a lot of deep fried food, which sounds pretty good in my books. Basically they take meat ragout, roll it into balls and deep fry them. Served with mustard, they make for the perfect bar snack with good Dutch beer.

I may not be able to properly pronounce it, but these are essentially mini pancakes, except way, way better. They’re somehow crispy on the outside yet super soft and fluffy on the inside. Witchcraft! Or maybe it’s the special pan they use. If I wasn’t so nervous about the game, I would’ve inhaled dozens more of these tiny pieces of heaven.

Happy Wednesday! May the best team win but Hup Holland Hup 🙂


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