It Happened This Week…

This series is really growing on me because when I sit down to compile all of my favorite nerdy news stories of the week, I get to read them another time and become more excited. And boy did we get some cool stuff these past few days…

…in Starling City
More casting news! Last week, we found out one of my favorite comic book characters will be joining Season 3 of ARROW. This week, another superhero has been added to the roster.
According to Deadline, Ray Palmer aka The Atom will be played by none other than Superman aka Brandon Routh. Now we know he played the Man of Steel in that abysmal movie that shall not be named, but he was not the problem. I think he’s a great actor and I’m happy he’s back in the DC family. Hopefully he crosses over with The Flash show.

But wait, there’s more from Starling City. TV Guide reports that they have cast another actor to play Count Vertigo. If you watch the show, you will know that the previous Count is no longer with us, so who better to play this Green Arrow villain than Peter Stormare. I can definitely see it.

…in Central City
Now let’s take a look at the newest addition to the cast of The Flash‘s premiere season. DC announced that Robbie Amell, yes, Stephen Amell’s cousin, will be playing Ronnie Raymond aka 1/2 of Firestorm. If you’re wondering what I mean by 1/2, then click on either link above. One thing’s for sure, he’s got that smouldering thing down pat. What? I had to do it. It was right there.

…in Westeros
Westerosi Wine is coming! Yes, you read that right. The Wines of Westeros will be hopefully coming to a liquor store near you (PLEASE COME TO CANADA). There’s going to be 12 wines for 12 different “Houses”, except Wildling and Night’s Watch aren’t exactly “Houses”, but who cares?! Yay for wine. I also love how they adapted one of Tyrion’s best lines: “A mind needs wine as a sword needs a whetstone”.

…in the TARDIS

As much as I’m annoyed by this super short trailer, it’s longer than the last teaser by a couple of seconds, so I’ll include it. But I still think it’s high time that the BBC releases an actual trailer. August aka Doctor Who month is almost upon us!

…in the galaxy

Marvel gives us an extended Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! BBC take notes. This new trailer just confirms what I’ve known all along after seeing the first one, I’m definitely going to love this movie. August is gonna be an awesome month.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s news. Happy Thursday!


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