Monday Make-up Must Haves

As I am currently experiencing World Cup withdrawal, I thought I’d cheer myself up with a make-up post. I’ve gotten my summer beauty routine down with these five must-haves:
1. After years of searching for the perfect make-up remover that works for me, I finally found the one during my trip to St. Louis. My supply hasn’t run out yet but when it does and it turns out they’re not available in Canada, I’ll get them shipped. It’s that good.
2. I don’t bother with eyeshadow during the summer. I don’t want to risk the heat smearing it off so I turn to my trusty liquid eyeliner that’ll last all day and takes seconds to put on.
3. No matter the season, I keep going back to my favorite mascara.
4. I already have tan skin to begin with so I skip the bronzer and use blush instead.
5. My new favorite product. It moisturizes and adds color to your lips. Plus as a bonus it’s easy to reapply on the go.

Happy Monday!


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