It Happened This Week…

It’s Throwback Thursday, which means I get to round up this week’s hottest news and tell you all about it in one convenient post. A lot happened this week, so let’s get started!

…in the TARDIS
The BBC reads my blog! How else can you explain the fact that they released an actual trailer instead of a teaser from Series 8 after I ranted about it last week? Coincidence? I think not.

…in the Marvel Universe
Before we get to the big news, here’s your first look at Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

And now for the first announcement Marvel made this week via The View…the mantle of Thor will be taken up by a woman in the comics.
When I heard the news, I was confused at first. I mean it’s cool but I didn’t want them to just do it just for the sake of it. Luckily, the creators did an interview for that somewhat clears up the reasons behind the decision. Basically, the original Thor will not be able to wield Mjolnir for some reason yet to be revealed, then one of the women in Thor’s life is worthy of the hammer. He stops going by the name Thor and she becomes the new Thor. Not Lady Thor but Thor. As long as it makes sense in the story, then I’m definitely on board and will probably end up getting the book. On a personal note, I haven’t been reading the Big Two’s comics lately but this new Thor might just change that.

Part two of Marvel’s double whammy was announced on The Colbert Report last night. There will now also be a new Captain America. Steve Rogers sacrificed himself once again to save the world but it came at a price. He’s been aged to his 65-year-old self and stripped of super serum. As a result, the Falcon, Sam Wilson, will be the new Captain America.
Now this I’m not confused about. It makes sense that Falcon would take over. When Batman died, Dick became Batman. Logical.

Fingers crossed the Thor story is a good one. Pretty please, I want to read comics again!

…in Gotham City
Once again DC comes second to Marvel when it came to ground-breaking announcements this week. They just released another trailer for Gotham.

I mean it’s cool and everything but it’s not Marvel cool. Step it up, DC.

Happy (Female) Thor-sday everyone!


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