Festival Season & The Fashion It Inspires

When I think of summer, I inevitably think of the festivals that occur during this glorious time. From music festivals to food & drink to film, no matter what you’re celebrating, you’re going to need the right outfit.


Music festival: It seems like crop tops and high-waisted shorts are de rigueur but if you want something a little different, this open crossback muscle tank is the way to go.

Street festival: From parades to dancing, you’re going to need something loose and flowy, the better to dance in. A romper is perfect when, like me, you might need to sit on someone’s shoulders to see over the crowd.

Film festival: I’m not sure if TIFF is technically still considered a “summer” festival, this is Canada, after all. But this skirt would work for events where you wanna kick it up a notch in terms of style.

Food & Drink festival: Comfort is definitely key when your sole purpose is to indulge in some tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Avoid tight jeans and bodycon dresses, opt for something light and loose like a maxi or this cami dress.

I’ll try to take my own advice in regards to that last one, since I’ll be attending Toronto’s Festival of Beer this coming weekend. Happy Monday!


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