Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It’s looking to be a sunny weekend which is great since last one was kind of a bust. I’m super excited since I’m helping out at Toronto’s Festival of Beer on Saturday then watching my first Toronto FC game that night, plus having brunch with a girlfriend that I haven’t seen in years on Sunday. This week has also been pretty eventful…

First off, it was Batman Day on Wednesday to celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary. Naturally I watched Batman: The Animated Series and raided my boyfriend’s comic book library for some of the best Bat books ever written. I’ll definitely gush about some of them in a review later on…

I also attended Crystal Luxmore‘s last Beer School of the summer and learned all about saisons aka farmhouse ales. Loved tasting all the different beers with the cheeses and charcuterie, especially Goose’s Sofie, which is available in the LCBO.

And as if the universe was in tune with my new soccer obsession and impending first TFC game, the World Cup coin that I won on Twitter from CIBC arrived in the mail this week as well. I don’t collect coins but it’s still a pretty nice memorabilia from my first World Cup experience.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


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