It Happened This Week…SDCC Edition Part 1: DC Comics

As you probably know, San Diego Comic-Con has been absolutely packed with various announcements/trailers/teasers, etc. Even the days following it have had tons of news, which is why I need to split my usual weekly post in two and publish the first part a day early. Yeah…I know. Pretty exciting stuff. Let’s not waste any more time with small talk and dive right in:

…in Batman v. Superman
This is definitely DC’s Main Event. There were lots of teaser images released like a close-up of Ben Affleck’s Batman:
Our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. And yes, I do believe that is a lasso on her right hip. It’s not glowing, but I thought it only does so when she’s using it to force the truth out of someone.
The Big Three all together:
And they also played an teaser clip that you probably can find a grainy version of but until they release it officially, here’s a pretty good description.

…in the Animated Universe
So Justice League: Throne of Atlantis will be released sometime in 2015. DC also made a couple of announcements regarding future Animated Films like the fact that the next one will be Batman vs. Robin but that it’ll be based on Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls, which is weird…and that Justice League: Gods and Monsters will be written/directed by Bruce Timm. However, recently the supervising produced of DC Animated Movies clarified that no, Batman vs. Robin will not be based on Court of Owls but is a sequel to Son of Batman, and no, Bruce Timm is not coming back for Gods and Monsters. Seriously? Whoever’s doing these announcements, you have ONE JOB.

…in Starling City

Oh and if that’s not enough, then we’re also getting Wildcat, who will hopefully train Laurel (Dinah!) so she can be Black Canary.

…in Central City

And if that doesn’t get you excited, maybe this report on which Flash villains you should expect might do it!

Stay tuned for Part Two featuring Marvel tomorrow. Happy New Comic Book Day!



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