It Happened This Week…SDCC Edition Part 2: Marvel Comics

Yesterday, I released Part One of the special edition of my weekly news round-up featuring news from this year’s SDCC and the days following it. Now it’s Marvel’s turn and boy did they have a lot of announcements:

…in the galaxy
I wanna start off with this because tonight I will be watching the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy! YAY. It hits theatres everywhere tomorrow but Marvel’s already announced a sequel and an animated series.
Yes, we all know Thanos will be played by Josh Brolin but it’s not clear which movies he’ll actually be appearing in.

…in the Marvel/Netflix bromance
Daredevil TV Series will be out on Netflix in May 2015! I like the cast so far and the gritty feel they’re going for, but boo to no She-Hulk.

…in S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters
We finally found out who Lucy Lawless is playing, Isabel Hartley, a veteran agent. Kraken is apparently going to be the big bad for next season.

…in the ever-so-changing-and-confusing world of Ant-Man
Another puzzling piece to the Ant-Man saga is the casting of Evangeline Lilly as either Hope Pym or Hope Van Dyne. Hmm, weird. Here‘s what The Mary Sue reported on it. I was once very excited for this movie, but much like their direction and casting news, I’m now very unsure of what to feel.

…in the Avengers Tower
I’m pretty sure if you’ve been following the SDCC updates, you would have heard of the Age of Ultron clip that everyone’s freaking out about. No? Seriously? Well, what are you waiting for?! Read this now, because of course the actual clip isn’t available.

Have a great Thursday! Hope you all watch Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend.



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