Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and first day of August! If you live in parts of Canada that celebrate the Civic Holiday, this means you’ll soon be enjoying the August long weekend, if you’re lucky. May I recommend going to see Guardians of the Galaxy? I saw it last night, loved it and will have a review by next week. Meanwhile, here are some other things I was up to this week:

Last weekend was the Toronto’s Festival of Beer and I had a blast running around with my boss, tasting all the beers, meeting the brewers and helping out with her Wheel of Beer. I definitely found my new favorite drink.

And then as if that day wasn’t awesome enough, our friend Doug, from Paradise Comics, and his lovely wife took us to our very first Toronto FC game! The stadium was beautiful. The atmosphere was intense. The fans were wonderful. Even though they lost, it was still a great game and we are officially hooked. Plus check out this view:

On Monday, our neighbors Jons and Christine invited us over for dinner and just look at the gorgeous spread they had:

And as a Hump Day treat, my friend Nathalie and I finally went to Jelly Modern, after talking about it for at least a year, and sampled some delicious doughnuts. I got S’mores, Maple Bacon, Salted Caramel and Lemon Curd:

Have a fun and safe (long) weekend everyone!


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