The Best Meeting Spots in Toronto

Yesterday was Simcoe Day, a civic holiday here in Toronto, hence the absence of a post. But it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming with today’s short but handy one. Planning a work meeting/reunion/quick drink and wondering where to go? As someone who’s had her fair share of meetings these past few months, I’m here to let you know the best places in the city to do so. And the one spot you shouldn’t bother trying.

If you need a caffeine fix…
Jet Fuel Coffee is probably one of the best coffee shops in the city. There’s no menu. You basically just line-up, order and pay for the espresso-based coffee drink of your choice that comes in two sizes for either $3 or $4. Please don’t order a Frappuccino. The space goes pretty deep. The vibe is very chill plus if you have time to kill after your meeting, explore Cabbagetown. It’s one of the most interesting and pretty neighborhoods of Toronto.

If you want to grab a bite to eat…
Did you know the Queen Mother Cafe serves Thai food? Yeah, I didn’t either until I had a lunch meeting here a few weeks ago. They have Wifi, great service and good food. Bonus points for the fact that their table was big enough for our three laptops. I had the Ping Gai, one of their signature dishes, which I highly recommend.

If you want to get a drink…
The Only Cafe has one of the best beer selections in the city. If you come before happy hour, you can enjoy a cool one without it being too loud to hear the important details of your meeting. Plus they have a handy booklet where each beer is described, so even if you don’t know what to drink, you’ll have all the info to make the right decision.

If you want to pay for too much for a mediocre brunch…
Ok, why would anyone right? Two Sundays ago, a friend from Quebec that I hadn’t seen for years was in town and wanted to grab brunch. She chose Origin Restaurant because it’s five minutes from where she was staying. Big mistake. Their patio is super nice. Right at King and Church, in front of a gorgeous cathedral. It’s definitely a place to see and be seen. The food however? Their menu was already daunting enough. I chose the safe option of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. At 18 dollars you’d think it would have a side but nope, it came by itself. The dish was very mediocre, too much dill, but otherwise fine. Just way overpriced. Do yourself a favor and go someplace else.

Hopefully these gave you ideas of new places to discover, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Go forth and explore! Happy Tuesday.


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