It Happened This Week…

Still reeling from all the DC & Marvel news from SDCC 2014? No time for that! We had a busy week with tons of news, a surprise announcement from a studio you’re probably not expecting and an adorable new video from HISHE (How It Should Have Ended). Let’s get on with it.

…in Starling City
Yup, another casting announcement has been made. Seriously, they’re going to cram every single DC character in this show, not that I’m complaining. The newest character to join the roster is Mark Shaw played by David Cubitt. If you’re wondering who that is, you’re not alone. Shaw is one of several comic book characters to go by the name “Manhunter“. And no, not Martian Manhunter, do not confuse them. Interestingly enough, Arrow already had Kate Spencer on the show, albeit a blonde version of her, who also went by the same moniker. I would’ve preferred seeing Kate as Manhunter but we’ll see what they do with this version (both pictured above).

…in Central City
More casting news for DC’s TV universe, this time for The Flash. Kelly Frye will play Plastique, a metahuman that can turn any item into an explosive device. In the comics, she’s mostly associated with Firestorm, who will also be in The Flash. There is already speculation about a Firestorm spin-off but I think that’s all highly premature. I mean, The Flash hasn’t even aired yet. Plus, if there were to be a spin-off show, it has to be…

…in Belle Reve
Apparently, according to The Mary Sue‘s coverage of SDCC, there have been talks of a potential Suicide Squad spin-off, or at least mini-series ala Agent Carter, that might air during the winter break or have Suicide Squad-centric episodes during the season (that may lead into their own show? Maybe? Please?). For now, it’s all just talk but at least they’re discussing it. Whichever way they go, they better add some female members. Plastique and Harley Quinn come to mind.

…in the X-Mansion
Loved Days of Future Past and want to see more of what was left on the cutting room floor? Well, you just have to wait until 2015 for the Extended Edition that will most likely (at least I hope so) show us the Rogue sub-plot.

…at Sony Pictures..Wait what?
Listen up, everyone. It’s not DC nor Marvel who became the first studio to confirm that they’re making a female superhero movie. No, that would be Sony Pictures. Slated for a 2017 release, the superhero in question will obviously be from the Spider-Man universe but no clue yet on her identity. Any ideas? Whether it’ll be Spider-Woman or Black Cat, this is incredible news and hopefully more studios will follow Sony’s lead and just freaking set a date for the Wonder Woman and Black Widow movies already! Hera, help me.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest line-up of superhero movies in our future. Good news: you don’t have to choose between Batman v. Superman and Captain America 3 anymore! Dates could still change and most of the titles are unannounced but it’s a start.

…on the HISHE channel

It’s not really news but how could I not include this hilarious video featuring the Captain America: Winter Soldier cast, an adorable Hulk cameo, and the Super Cafe.

Happy Thursday!


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