5 Flicks to Watch During Shark Week

This week I’m celebrating Christmas in August aka Shark Week by posting about shark-filled fashion and shark-inspired recipes. Now it’s time to take the fandom up a notch by recommending five movies featuring these awesome creatures, ranging from the good, the bad and the ugly:

The One That Started It All: Jaws
No shark film list is complete without the movie that launched a thousand sequels. I was appalled when my boyfriend who claims to be a pop culture expert revealed to me that he has never seen this classic. And he was giving me a hard time about not having seen The Wizard of Oz. Alright, that’s also pretty bad. But if like him you’ve been deprived of this gem, then what are you waiting for?! Go, go, go! Or should I say swim, swim, swim!

The One That’s Based On A True Story: Open Water
Don’t watch this one if you’re going on a diving trip soon. Just kidding, I still love scuba diving even after watching it. No, but really, sharks aside, the editing and cinematography make this a pretty good thriller. I haven’t watched the sequel but I doubt it’s as great as this one.

The One With That Awesome Scene: Deep Blue Sea
I’m not going to ruin it for you in case you haven’t seen the movie, but do yourself a favor and go watch it even if it’s just to see one of the greatest blockbuster scenes. Granted it’s not a great movie, but there are some legitimately scary moments that made me jump. Plus it has a stellar cast. Don’t you want to see LL Cool J and Samuel L. Jackson fight sharks?!

The One With A Cult Following: Sharknado
Since it aired, it has spawned a sequel and became a phenomenon. It’s not trying to be a great movie. In fact, its selling point is that it knows just how ridiculous of a premise it has. Some people actually love it while others love to hate it. No matter what side you fall on, I suggest you watch it since it’s definitely here to stay.

The One That’s Just Plain Awful: Shark Night 3D
This movie has absolutely zero redeeming value. It’s not even a good bad movie, it’s just the worst. The only reason I even watched this is by accidentally stumbling upon it on cable a couple days ago while late-night channel surfing. From the plot to the dialogue to the execution to the “special” effects to the cast, nothing worked. It just made me so mad that I had to turn it off. If you’re one of those people that enjoy getting upset at a terrible film, then I guess give this a try. Otherwise, I would actually rather swim in shark-infested waters than experience it again.

Have a terrific Wednesday and happy viewing!


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