It Happened This Week…

This week has been pretty rough, from hearing terrible news from back home to what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri, my boyfriend’s home state, to Hollywood legends passing away. But that’s life for you, it gets you down and you must soldier on. On that note…

…in the TARDIS

One positive thing to keep us going is the fact that Doctor Who Series 8 is almost upon us! The latest trailer from this week just builds on the excitement each previous one has teased. It’s fully sunk in now that we have a new Doctor and I’m on board with Capaldi 100%. Let’s do this.

…in Atlantis
Aquaman and Mera Wallpaper__yvt2
Apparently there are two screenwriters working on an Aquaman script separately, according to THR. DC and Warner Bros are hedging their bets by asking not one but two people to write a screenplay on the King of the Seven Seas. So we have two writers yet they still haven’t officially announced Jason Momoa as Aquaman? Go figure. Hopefully one if not both scripts will feature a lot of Mera. As a big fan of the hero and his wife, I’m excited that he’s getting his own movie and maybe people will see just how badass he can be. But I’m still waiting on any Wonder Woman movie news though…

…in the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe
Word on the street is that another group of comic book misfits will appear on the big screen: The Inhumans. For more, read the article by Collider. I’m not exactly familiar with the series but if they say they’ll treat it exactly as they did Guardians, which I loved, then sign me up. Oh and Vin Diesel dropped a hint that he could be in it? ALL THE YES.

…in Hollywood
And now I just want to take the time to pay tribute to two of the most iconic stars to grace us with their talents.

This was a TCM tribute by Kelsey Grammer and I think it just encapsulates everything about the legendary Lauren Bacall. I first saw her in How to Marry a Millionaire and immediately gravitated toward her rather than Betty Grable or Marilyn Monroe. Of course I had known about her relationship with one of my favourite actors of all time, Humphrey Bogart, but aside from love story, there’s just something about Bacall that just draws you in and never lets go. The Big Sleep was where I really fell in love with her. That timing, that chemistry, those double entendres, that “look”! I look forward to discovering even more of her films. Rest in peace, Ms. Bacall, and say hello to Bogey for us.

Like many of you, Robin Williams was a big part of my childhood. Back in the Philippines, I would watch Aladdin, Jack and Jumanji on repeat. Then my parents got divorced and I moved to Canada, leaving my dad behind. It devastated me and the only thing that remotely helped was watching Mrs. Doubtfire over and over and over again. It just helped me feel closer to my father who was on the other side of the world. Then as I grew older, I discovered a lot of his other movies like The Birdcage. I look forward to watching the rest of his films. I just want to say thank you, Mr. Williams, for making a sad, scared little girl who missed her daddy laugh. You brought us all a lot of joy. Rest in peace.


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