EPL & The Fashion It Inspires

Another unlikely fashion inspiration this Monday: The English Premier League. This weekend marked the start of the season and going off my World Cup fever, I have decided to follow soccer. I never thought I’d see the day but alas, it has arrived. I’ve been bitten by the soccer bug. After months of research, I have decided on cheering for Arsenal. Call me a bandwagon fan if you must, but I have my reasons for choosing The Gunners so there. Hey, it could be worse, I could be rooting for Manchester United. And I won’t be covering all the EPL clubs or this post would be way too long. All dresses can be found at Urban Outfitters!


1. Arsenal
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Manchester City
5. Manchester United

6. Crystal Palace (my boyfriend’s team so I have to include it)
7. Everton
8. Swansea
9. Tottenham
10. West Ham

Happy Monday!


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