Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good and productive week.

In the effort of being more healthy, this is what my Monday meeting looked like:
My boyfriend also got me new running shoes so we can jog/work out together. I say jog because I don’t run unless a zombie’s chasing me.
This past week, we have been obsessed with making Thai mussels using this recipe from Sorted. It’s super easy, takes less 15 minutes and tastes amazing, especially with paired with a saison like one of my faves, Goose Island’s Sofie.
Also this week, my mom sent me souvenirs from Barcelona: cookies and candy in gorgeous tins.
Last but not least, my must-pick-up on New Comic Book Day this week was definitely Sensation Comics #1 written by the legendary Gail Simone. Get your copy if you haven’t yet!
Have a nice weekend all!


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