Fan Expo & The Fashion It Inspires

Con season is upon us! And by that I mean comic book conventions. Kicking off the fall season is what’s probably the equivalent of San Diego Comic-Con in Canada: Fan Expo. I’ve been attending for several years now and every year, it just gets bigger and bigger. It went from a two-day weekend event to now starting on Thursday! It’s the place to see your favorite sci-fi stars, shop for comic books, toys, clothes, and be seen wearing amazing cosplay. If you’re even remotely a fan of anything, then I suggest you at least go once to the spectacle that is Fan Expo Canada. Some tips from yours truly: If you really want an autograph from a celebrity, then be prepared to do not much else but wait in line. Seriously, depending on their star power, it takes forever and I have no patience with that, which is why I have never done it. I might make an exception though for say Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch. Notable stars for this year include Patrick Stewart, Stephen Amell and Matt Smith.

Now for the question of what to wear. If, like me, you have no talent in cosplaying whatsoever, then I suggest getting some geeky apparel from your favorite fandom and rocking it. Now the following items probably won’t get delivered to you in time for this weekend but I’m sure you can find something from Hot Topic to wear with a cool skirt/leggings!
Be sure to take note of these websites for your future fandom needs:
1. Doctor Who tank from Her Universe
2. Game of Thrones skater dress from Black Milk Clothing
3. Batman Bodycon skirt from Forever 21
4. Star Wars tank from Etsy’s Engram Clothing
5. My Little Pony leggings from WeLoveFine

Happy Monday!


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