Tasty Tuesday: The Rushton REVIEW

We found ourselves at St. Clair West last Friday, dying to introduce the best BBQ to our friends but alas when we got to The Stockyards, they were sold out of both their ribs and fried chicken, two absolute must-tries. As veterans of the joint, we should’ve known arriving there past 7:30 would result in catastrophe…classic rookie mistake. Alas, we were starving so we hunted around the neighbourhood of St. Clair West that we were all pretty unfamiliar with and stumbled upon The Rushton. It was semi-packed with delicious smells coming from diners’ tables on their big patio. We were seated in two minutes as opposed to the hour-long wait at Stockyards. And no, I didn’t take any photos since it was dark and this was definitely not a culinary experience I wanted to remember.
One glance at the menu was enough to make me regret sitting down. Their specialty it seemed was overpriced bistro fare. We all opted for starters as our main courses. The ladies ordered the PEI moules sans frites because they were an additional 4 dollars to the already $16. The men got the $14 duck confit poutine. Now I tried a forkful of the poutine and as someone who grew up in Quebec, I was extremely offended by it. It was verging on lukewarm. The duck confit was overcooked. The gravy left much to be desired and don’t even get me started on the cheese.

As for the mussels, well frankly, the ones we make at home were ten times better. I chose the Thai broth that had coconut milk and red curry. While the curry was definitely present, there was way too much oil in the broth. They didn’t reduce the milk enough to make it creamy. Some of the mussels were overcooked. Portion-wise you get a decent amount but I would hope so at that price. I mean I can get 2 pounds of mussels for 6 dollars at my local grocery. They could’ve used basil or coriander or lemongrass or any other spice besides shallots. I don’t think I even tasted the garlic.

All in all, our dining experience was a definite fail and I would not come back to dine at The Rushton. Instead, when I’m craving mussels, I will make these instead and save myself the commute and extra cash:

Do yourself a favour and avoid The Rushton. Happy Tuesday!


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