First Impressions of The Twelfth Doctor

Happy Wednesday! As promised, I’m doing a post on the new Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Two episodes of Series 8 have aired already, the premiere “Deep Breath” and “Into The Dalek”. I enjoyed the former while the latter had its ups and downs.
As an introductory episode to the new Doctor, I thought “Deep Breath” did a great job of having a mystery and a slightly unhinged Time Lord recovering from his regeneration. And of course any episode with the Paternoster Gang is a winner in my books. I liked that Moffat brought back the creepy clock robots from the episode he wrote “The Girl in The Fireplace”. What I thought was unnecessary was the Matt Smith appearance. I love Matt as much as the next person but needing Eleven to convince the companion, in essence the audience, to accept a new Doctor was a little insulting because it felt like the show didn’t trust its fan base enough to make up its own mind without a nudge from the old favorite. Nine didn’t do it for Ten and Ten didn’t do it for Eleven. We have a new Doctor, just deal with it.
Doctor Who Series 8
Then came “Into The Dalek”. I’m intrigued by Danny Pink, although I thought his introduction could’ve been done better. We get it guys, everyone says he’s a player but he’s probably not since he’s a sensitive soldier. Remains to be seen whether he’ll be annoying or actually an interesting addition. Clara is definitely growing on me. She was my least favorite companion, but seeing more of her personal life makes her character more interesting. As for the episode itself, I thought it was too reminiscent of the Ninth Doctor’s “Dalek” episode but I did appreciate the whole Fantastic Voyage plot.
Now for the Doctor…Before I share my thoughts on Twelve, let me give you some background on my personal history as a Whovian. I started watching with the Ninth Doctor and Rose. I love Tennant and Smith but Eccleston was my first Doctor so he holds a special place in my heart. It’s probably why I really like Peter Capaldi so far. A concern people have been having is that he’s not as nice or quirky as Tennant or Smith but that’s why I like him. He’s a little rougher around the edges like Eccleston. He’s blunt, no-nonsense and more aggressive. While I’m liking all that, it’s slightly off-character for him to be dismissive of people and the value of their lives in “Into The Dalek” when it’s already been established that the Doctor protects humanity. Hopefully that was just a weird one-off moment. Aside from that thought I’m happy he established he’s not Clara’s boyfriend, although if he says it one more time I might scream. I also love the Scottish accent even though I have to rewind certain scenes because I sometimes miss what he’s saying. I had a feeling I would fall in love with Twelve pretty quickly and I’m happy to report that I’m fully on board the Capaldi Express. The next episode looks amazing because who doesn’t love Robin Hood? Hopefully we’ll get more scenes establishing what the Twelfth Doctor is all about and his relationship to Clara.


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