Tasty Tuesday: The One That Got Away REVIEW

This weekend after seeing my very first TIFF film (review up tomorrow), I wanted to finally take my boyfriend to Wvrst. It was a nice early fall afternoon in Toronto so we decided to walk instead of taking the street car. As you may have probably guessed from the title of this post, we did not end up going to the sausage hall because right before, we passed this little place:
And then Keith decided he was really craving fish and chips right that second. I was also pretty tempted since it has been awhile plus I’m a sucker for mermaids so we checked The One That Got Away out.

I already liked the place the minute I stepped in. It was small enough to encourage a quick turn over, I mean how long do you need to eat fish and chips, but still had several tables and counter seating. The menu was displayed on a giant board right at the entrance plus again above the register for convenience.
Their menu is also pretty different from the other fish and chips places out there, offering pickerel and arctic char in addition to the classic cod and haddock. You also had the option of having it grilled instead of fried, which I thought was awesome.

We wanted to try a little of everything so we went with the fish fry platter to share. It had a fish (either cod or haddock I can’t recall), shrimps, scallops and calamari with fries and coleslaw.
As you can see, it was definitely enough for two. We devoured the dish. I definitely appreciated how they used a different kind of breading for the different kinds of seafood. The calamari had a herb and spiced breading that worked really well for the thing squid rings. Some of the best I’ve ever had. The scallops and shrimps’ breading had a finer consistency and was darker in colour. The scallops were cooked perfectly. The fish batter was light and crispy, just the way I liked it. You could tell everything was just really fresh. Their chips/fries were so good that we inhaled them. As for the tartar sauce, it was good, nothing too fancy, but their coleslaw…wow. Let me just give you another shot:
It was vinegar-based, which is my preference, and we think it had mustard which made it creamy. It definitely had celery seeds and some other spices I can’t quite put my finger on but the flavours just melded together so nicely. We fought over who had the last bite. The service was fast, quick and the prices were reasonable. We came in hungry, we left full and happy. What more can you ask for?

Happy Tuesday!


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