It Happened This Week…

Happy Thursday everyone! It’s time for my weekly round-up of nerdy news. Now I’ll start off with something that happened on Friday last week so I didn’t include it in the previous “It Happened” post but it’s pretty huge news especially in our household:

ICYMI…this happened last week
I squealed when I read the news that TNT is close to ordering a pilot for Titans, revolving around Nightwing, former Robin Dick Grayson, and yup, the Teen Titans. And even more excited? My boyfriend Keith. While the majority of DC fans probably prefer the Justice League or the Justice Society, Keith is obsessed with the Teen Titans and the Legion of Superheroes. I myself got hooked with Perez and Wolfman’s 80s New Teen Titans run, which is what the show is supposed to be based on. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

…in District 13

This is the next big movie coming out so thanks for finally releasing an actual trailer, guys!

…in 1946
Some pretty exciting Agent Carter casting news was announced regarding Jarvis! Yes, Tony Stark’s AI butler will make his live-action debut as Howard Stark’s real-life butler played by James D’Arcy.

…in Central City
A familiar face to fans of the original The Flash series is coming to CW’s The Flash. Dr. Tina McGee played by Amanda Pays will come back, not as Barry Allen’s love interest which she was originally but as an employee of a rival company to STAR Labs.

…in Hell’s Kitchen, New York
Some interesting casting news was announced for Netflix’s Daredevil, Scott Glenn has been cast as Matt Murdock’s mentor, Stick. Now, I’m not familiar with the Daredevil comics but apparently Stick is supposed to be of Japanese origin, even though it’s not explicitly stated. Huh.

…in the TARDIS

As a big fan of heist movies, this next episode is right up my alley.

…in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe
Since we’re desperate for any and all news regarding the Avengers sequel, Marvel threw us a bone by giving us the official synopsis of Age of Ultron. It doesn’t really tell us anything new but it assembles all the info and all the characters set to appear in the film in a nice, neat little package.

…in Starling City
You know how Arrow has just been casting Spartacus (one of my fandoms) alumni left and right? Well they’ve done it again with Nick Tarabay cast as Captain Boomerang. It’s interesting to note that while the majority of the Starz show’s cast was Australian, they got the one American to play an Australian villain. I’m not knocking the casting choice, just pointing out the irony.

And finally enjoy, you’re welcome:


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