Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a wonderful week. Mine was slightly spoiled by a trip to the dentist, those are never fun. Early this week I was still riding my high from the weekend of seeing The Drop at TIFF and this amazing artist:
On Wednesday we hosted a couples game night and introduced Alhambra to our friends. They loved it and are thinking of getting a copy. That’s right, we’re slowly but surely converting everyone to becoming board game addicts. Here’s my lovely long wall that still wasn’t enough to ensure a win:
This week has also been Toronto Beer Week! As someone who works for a certified Cicerone (beer sommelier FYI), I’ve been lucky enough to attend some events like last night’s “Hopera”: eight operatic arias, duos and trios accompanied by eight craft beers that were paired specifically for a reason. It was such an awesome event that I may just have to dedicate an entire post to talk about it. Tonight I’m going to another TBW2014 event at Bar Hop.
Last night’s “Hopera” look involved a sweater making it officially sweater weather:

Hope you all have a safe and fun-filled weekend!


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