It Happened This Week…

Happy Thursday! This week saw several rumors, some confirmations and quite a bit of trailers. We have a lot to cover so let’s get on with it.

…in the TARDIS

We’re almost halfway through the new series of Doctor Who with the Twelfth Doctor and now I can safely say that I like Peter Capaldi. I’ve seen this Doctor interact with the Paternoster Gang, daleks, Robin Hood and in a horror, heist and present-day London setting. I’ve gotten used to his more alien nature. It’s a very interesting and entertaining take on the Doctor. Bring on the second half!

…in Marvel’s 1946
In a very-much-expected announcement, Dominic Cooper will officially reprise his role as Howard Stark in Agent Carter. SO excited to see him interact with Peggy.

…in Greendale Community College
Yvette Nicole Brown, our beloved Shirley, will not be coming back for Season 6 of Community. According to TV Guide, she has decided to take some time away in order to care for her father. Our thoughts are with her and her family. We’re definitely going to miss the heart of the study group!

…in Atlantis

Here’s the trailer for the DC Animated film Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. As someone who has not yet seen the previous Justice League: War, I’m only slightly interested. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Aquaman but you know how I feel about some of the shenanigans happening in the New 52. I might watch this movie…I might not.

…in Gotham
I know I’ve been hating on the first two episodes of Gotham but this trailer on the upcoming villains and potential story lines of the season has got me excited, which is saying something. I’ll just ignore every Alfred scene there is.

…in Central City
Set your DVRs to record about five minutes more of The Flash premiere on Tuesday, October 7th. The CW just announced that it’ll be three minutes longer.

…in the rumor mill
Fair warning, these are not confirmed yet and the sources may not be the most reliable. According to the Latino Review, Ben Affleck might be in a solo Batman movie potentially entitled: The Batman. Yup. So you understand if I’m not too excited about this news.
Now for Marvel’s rumor of the week: The Daily Marvelite reports that The Avengers 3 might be split into two parts, like Deathly Hallows or Mockingjay. This one might actually be true. I can see them splitting the Infinity Gauntlet storyline into two parts. Although this article has some good arguments against this.

Have a super(hero) day!


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