Tasty Tuesday: Cooking with Beer

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend (three days off in Canada)! I know I did. My boyfriend’s family was in town and we ate good food, visited the Bata Shoe Museum, enjoyed a movie and just had an overall great time. But now it’s back to our regularly scheduled program. In this week’s food post, I wanted to share with you the best recipes that use beer. My obsession with beer has grown from working with Cicerone Crystal Luxmore. And now aside from drinking it, I’ve discovered that it’s a great ingredient for cooking. Plus since you don’t usually use up the whole can or bottle of beer, you get to drink the rest. My go-to blog for beer recipes is The Beeroness.

If you like Guinness…try this Stout Mongolian Beef recipe.
It’s super delicious and ideal for those cool fall nights. It’s very easy and takes next to no time. Keith loved it and the leftovers were even better the next day.
Beer suggestion: Guinness (Why mess with the original?)

If you like IPAs or Pale Ales…make Drunk Shrimp Diablo.
You can adjust the spiciness by reducing the red chili flakes, which I need to do since I can’t handle too much heat. It’s also a good idea to have extra IPAs on hand to douse the flames.
Beer suggestion: Collective Arts Brewing’s Rhyme and Reason (One of the few pale ales that I enjoy)

If you like brown ale…then this Honey Chili Beer Chicken is for you.
This has everything I’m looking for in a recipe. Ingredients that are already in my kitchen, using just one pot and having everything ready in less than an hour. The brown ale just enhances the honey flavor and makes the whole dish richer.
Beer suggestion: Black Oak Brewing Co.’s Nut Brown Ale Hands down the best brown ale I’ve ever drank

If you like wheat beer…use one of your freshly-picked (or store bought) apples for Caramel Apple Beer Bread.
This dessert (or breakfast if you’re like me) is perfect for fall. I can’t wait to try this one since it seems surprisingly uncomplicated for a bread recipe. You can probably omit the caramel but why would you?
Beer suggestion: Side Launch Brewing’s Wheat Beer My favorite wheat beer!

Hopefully you’ll give cooking with beer a chance because it’s absolutely delicious. Happy Tuesday and happy cooking!


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