Movie + Food Pairings

Inspired partly by this post and partly by The Hundred-Foot Journey (just read the novel and am planning on watching the film), I got to thinking about what movie and food pairings I would actually take the time to prepare then consume while watching. The important part for me would be that I’d need to really like the food that went with the movie in order to go through the effort of making it, instead of just microwaving some popcorn. I’ve narrowed it down to three movies, two I’ve seen, one I haven’t but heard good things about, with food pairings that range from beginner to expert. Here are my top three recommended movie + food combinations:

Fotor110417074Drinking Buddies + Beer
This requires little to no effort. You just need to buy beer, open a bottle and turn on Netflix. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this movie yet. Watched it a couple months ago when we were bored and it is such an amazingly underrated gem. It’s just a funny and honest film with a terrific cast. Go watch it. Here are some new beers out this month at the LCBO.

Fotor1104171035The F Word/What If + Fool’s Gold Loaf
My love for this movie is no secret. It’s coming out on DVD this month so I suggest you grab a copy and follow this recipe. They talk a lot about Elvis’ favorite snack in the movie and I’m dying to test it out. Bread, good. Jam, good. Peanut butter, good. Bacon, best. Put them all together and it has to work, right?!

Fotor1104171230Chef + Cuban sandwiches
Ever since I missed out on seeing this film in theaters, I’ve been waiting for it to come out on DVD. Finally my wait is over and I can devote an entire date night to making Cuban sandwiches, since apparently you can’t watch this movie without craving one. Here‘s a recipe I might try…or if all else fails, I’ll just head to La Cubana to get my fix.

Happy Hump Day!


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