Tasty Tuesday: DAVID’s Tea & DLISH Cupcake Pairing

Since working with Crystal, Cicerone and beer writer extraordinaire, I’ve been obsessed with pairing food with beer. It’s pretty fun to come up with classic and unusual combinations, but it also made me think of doing it with dessert and tea. Inspired by two of my go-to places, DAVID’s TEA and Dlish Cupcakes, here are my favorite pairings:

Let’s start with a classic combination: Coconut, Dark Chocolate and Mint
Cocomint Cream is part of David’s Winter Collection so stock up now and you can enjoy it with Dlish’s Dark Chocolate cupcakes, a flavor available every day.

This next pairing is all about complimentary tastes: apple and caramel.
Apple Custard, another limited tea from David’s Holiday Collection, has raisins, honey-scented chamomile and a hint of vanilla that would go well with the apple cupcake and caramel frosting. I tried Dlish’s Apple Caramel for the first time this past weekend and it was super yummy.

For something that you can enjoy all-year round, I decided to put together my favorite tea with my favorite cupcake flavor
David’s Breakfast tea is the perfect blend of black teas. It’s balanced and can definitely hold its own against Dlish’s rich and luscious signature Red Velvet cupcake.

If chocolate is not your thing, then this one can be your go-to:
Forever Nuts is one of David’s Tea’s bestsellers. It’ll pair well with the already nutty Carrot Cupcakes.

Finally, for something very Christmas-y, then you have to absolutely try: gingerbread and chai.
Sure, they’re both spicy but they also just remind you of the holidays. Dlish’s Gingerbread is to die for. And David’s Chai Guarana has anise as its secret ingredient. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Happy Tuesday!


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