Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Fandom

Happy New Comic Book Day! Part Three of my gift guide series continues with today’s post on all the geeky gifts your nerdy heart would want:


1. No matter what fandom you’re a part of, there is definitely a Funko Pop! figure for you. I like to get mine from Paradise Comics.

2. I would be a terrible girlfriend if I didn’t recommend the 4th volume of Kill Shakespeare collecting “The Mask of Night” run, with the back-up story written by the boyfriend. You can get your copy starting Wednesday next week from Paradise as well. End of shameless plug.

3. My love of baking and Star Wars come together for the perfect gift.

4. This game is perfect for the board game lover in your circle, beginner or veteran. Very simple concept with gorgeous art, board and pieces. In my opinion, better than the original.

5. Who wouldn’t want ice shaped like Daleks and TARDISes?

6. I wish I had gotten the box set rather than getting them individually, but now I can give them to a friend.

Happy Hump Day everyone.


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