It Happened This Week…

Happy Thursday all! Once again this post is rushed because of the epic-ness that was The Flash & Arrow crossover. And also work…but mostly TV. Without further ado, here are the nerdy news headlines that interested me:

…in a galaxy far away, away

I couldn’t not include this.

…in Hollywood

Awards Season is coming

…in Marvel’s TV universe
Agent Carter will have a 2-hour premiere on January 6th so technically the seven-part television event is basically eight! Best. News. Ever.

…in the ever-growing DC Cinematic Universe
Well done, DC. Well done. By now you’ve probably heard about the major casting announcement that DC dropped this week, revealing their entire cast for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. The Mary Sue does a great recap of everything known so far. I’m actually very excited to see if Oprah, Octavia Spencer or Viola Davis will play Amanda Waller. Plus I’m glad the movie doesn’t necessarily negate a TV series from happening.


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