Tasty Tuesday: 3 Montreal Spots To Try

Last time I went to Montreal, I talked about the best cupcake store there. This time around, my mom and my sister introduced me to some new places that were super delicious. Here are three Montreal spots to try (ok, one is in a suburb but still):

1. Schwartz’s
Alright, I’m pretty sure you’ve either already tried it or have heard countless recommendations but I cannot stress enough how absolutely vital it is for your happiness to come to Montreal and get Schwartz’s smoked meat. We skipped the dine-in experience because the line is always too long, even in winter. They conveniently have a take-out section where you can enjoy their delicious sandwiches and my personal favorite way to eat smoked meat, on a poutine.

2. Mai Xiang Yuan
While not as big as the one here in Toronto, there are a few gems worth checking out at Montreal’s Chinatown and this dumpling establishment is one of them. Look out for the baby blue sign and prepare yourself for cheap, yummy goodness. Bring cash since they don’t accept debit or credit. The place is pretty small and gets full real fast for lunch and weekends but it’s so worth it. Their dumpling combinations work amazingly well and everything is cooked perfectly, whether you get steamed or fried.

3. Prohibition Bar (Ste-Therese)
Ok, so it’s technically not in Montreal and it’s definitely not ideal to take public transport to this bar but if you love craft beer, I suggest trying your best to check this place out. We had a surprise welcome back party for one of my best friends here and I just loved the decor, the theme, and of course, the beer. Also side note: One of the greatest things about Quebec is that we make the best beer and we sell them at the corner store.

Happy Tuesday one and all!


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