Tabletop Thursday: “Forbidden Island” Review

Last week, I was excited to share my thoughts on this awesome new game we discovered at a friend’s birthday Tabletop-themed birthday party. This week, I wanna share another board game that we played as well that night, a cooperative game called: Forbidden Island.

From the same maker that brought you Pandemic comes another board game where you have to work as a team to defeat the game. Think of it as Survive: Escape From Atlantis! meets Pandemic. Basically, you and your crew are on an island with various artifacts. Your mission is to retrieve said artifacts and getting to the helipad to take off before the island sinks and takes you with it.

As always, it’s much more fun when Wil Wheaton explains it:

We played this game with someone we met at the aforementioned birthday party and it turned out to be a great way to make a new friend who introduced us to even more cool games. Just like in Pandemic, each player has a role to play in their team with special skills to facilitate survival. Instead of diseases spreading, at every turn, the water rises and certain tiles become submerged or disappear altogether. We found it much easier to beat than Pandemic, but then again maybe we just were an awesome team. I was surprised to find out that the game defeated Wil Wheaton and his crew, but then again it’s the Wheaton curse. Comparing their game to ours, the artifacts were much closer together on our board and we also diligently kept shoring tiles instead of letting them just sink and create problems for us later on.

The only downside is the maximum of 4 players. Plus the potential problem of what happens during coop games when either one person basically just tells everyone what to do or people argue for awhile on what move is best and the game progresses at a snail’s pace. Luckily, we didn’t have that problem when we played. Everyone took their turn, conferred with the group and we were successful! Next time, we’ll definitely up the level difficulty.

Aside from it being a fun game, another reason to go out and actually get this game is the fact that it’s just plain gorgeous. The tin case is pretty, the pieces are of very good quality, the cards are nice and the illustrations are top notch.

I’m looking forward to trying the Forbidden Desert variant, which seems to be a little more extreme. When I do, I’ll make sure to post a review up. Happy Thursday!


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