Throwback Thursday: Agent Carter Episodes 4 & 5 RECAP

Time for a little Throwback Thursday: For some reason, probably because I was juggling work, taking the plunge to dye my hair blonde and preparing for my Super Bowl party, I completely dropped the ball on my Agent Carter recap last week. I obviously watched it and have just finished watching this week’s episode last night so here is my review for both episodes.

Regarding Episode 4 “The Blitzkrieg Button”, I must confess that I had to go on Wikipedia to see what happened last week which should tell you what I thought of it. It was mostly filler. The plot is advancing steadily but only minor things were revealed. The chief travels all the way to Germany to find out that the two Leviathan agents were supposed to have been killed during the Battle of Finow but survived for some unknown reason. Apparently the Soviets were dead even before the Nazis arrived. Meanwhile back in the US, Chad Michael Murray (I’m not even going to bother learning his character’s name at this point) is put in charge of the office and works everyone overtime to get any leads to the murder of their misogynistic co-worker, except for Peggy who’s assigned to take lunch orders.
Howard Stark is back and his scenes with Peggy are pretty hilarious. He poses as her cousin but they act and fight like siblings. He tasks her with retrieving one of his weapons a button (hence the title) that can cause shut down the city’s power, but in reality contains a vial of Captain America’s blood. She is obviously upset about the lie and takes it upon herself to hide the vial. There are also a couple of really good scenes with Agent Sousa trying to prove he’s still useful by interrogating a bum from the docks. I guess there was also creepy guy who got screwed over by Stark and Jarvis but he really wasn’t important since Peggy’s new housemate ends up killing him, revealing what most of us suspected from the beginning: she’s shady.

Which brings us to Episode 5, “The Iron Ceiling”, where Peggy reunites with the Howling Commandos. She basically shows off why she’s the best agent they have by deciphering the message sent by the Leviathan typewriter and it gives them their next mission: Russia! I must admit that when they opened with sleeper agents, I was so happy. We’re finally getting some allusion to Black Widow, even though she’s not actually going to be in it (Dottie is a Russian spy!). Peggy argues her way to be part of the Russia team, promising she can get the 107th to help. It’s not exactly the same guys from Captain America, but no matter, they’re still very much a lovable team of rogues. Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan is there, so it all worked out. They infiltrate the Soviet military complex and one of the commandos is straight-up killed by one of the little girls. That’ll teach you to underestimate #LikeAGirl. Moving on, they rescue two scientists that were imprisoned to build a weapon from plans stolen from Stark.
During their getaway, they lose an SSR agent. Peggy saves Chad Michael Murray’s useless ass and pretty much everyone else because she is the best. Even though, like the last one, this episode didn’t advance the plot that much, I did not mind at all. I loved seeing Peggy interact with Dum Dum. I even was ok with the moment she had with Chad Michael Murray when he tells the truth of his experiences in Japan. Chief Dooley starts to see the bigger picture and that maybe Stark’s not as guilty as they all think. Plus, Sousa, after accidentally seeing Peggy in her undergarments, identifies two gunshot wounds on her shoulder to the identical ones on the blonde woman’s from the picture. That’s pretty much what we got from this episode. Oh and most importantly, it has given us a new mantra: “Do as Peggy says”. This show is just so good and I don’t want it to end.

Looking forward to next week’s episode focusing on Dottie and Peggy as a fugitive!


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