Tabletop Thursday: “Tokaido” Review

Time for another board game review. I have been dying to play this game since my boyfriend first told me about it. He phrased it like this, “Imagine a board game where you can plan the perfect Japan vacation, shop for the perfect souvenir, visit temples, bathe in hot springs, get some painting done and eat the best food”. Um, YES PLEASE. That’s basically what Tokaido is.
The goal of the game is to finish as the most initiated traveler. You make your way across the East sea road, from Kyoto to Tokyo, by taking turns moving your Meeples and occupying different spaces on a linear track. The person who is furthest down the road goes first. The trip has four days and you can’t do everything so you must choose your actions wisely. Just like Wil Wheaton says in the following video, this is “the most zen cutthroat game you will ever play”. I highly suggest you watch it even if you don’t plan on playing since it is one of the best Tabletop videos ever in my opinion:

We finally played the game this past weekend and it is so much fun. You get a character that gives you a special bonus ability and with it, you can pretty much map out if you should focus on giving to the temple or if getting the food bonus at the end is better. I decided to ignore the gods and it bit me in the ass in the end since having the biggest donation gives you ten points at the end. Won’t be making that mistake again. It’s very easy to learn and explain to both new and veteran Tabletop gamers alike. Plus just look at how gorgeous the board and the art work is:

Let me see if I can find anything to complain about…the only thing I can think of is that it will definitely make you crave Japanese food and wish you were actually going to Japan. I already can’t wait to play it again!


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