Throwback Thursday: Agent Carter Episodes 6 & 7 RECAP

I’m currently in a state of denial. There is no way that only one episode of Agent Carter remains. The show and its cast has grown on me and I genuinely think it’s better than a lot of the other shows currently on air. Please, ABC, please, Marvel, we want more Peggy! But enough wallowing, as Peggy would say. Let’s get on with it.

Episode 6 is entitled “A Sin to Err”. Dr. Ivchenko is brought back to the SSR, hoping he can reveal anything about Leviathan. Carter is kicked out by Dooley, who doesn’t believe that a female Russian sleeper agent killed Krzeminski and seduced Howard to get to his weapons. He tells Carter to look into it and she teams up with Jarvis (YAY) to do just that. They make their way around the city in a hilarious montage of women getting mad at Jarvis and slapping him for breaking up with them on behalf of Stark. They track down Dottie’s last known address but of course, she’s not there.
Meanwhile, we see Dottie enter a building right across from the SSR headquarters. She walks into a dental office and is interviewed by the creepiest dentist who makes a pass at her. Wrong move, buddy. She kills him and gains the perfect vantage point to look into Chief Dooley’s office across the street. She takes a sniper gun out as if to assassinate the psychiatrist, but actually uses it to receive a message that he’s tapping out in Morse. Yup! He’s evil. Damn it. He’s also slowly getting into Dooley’s mind by talking to him about his marital problems. We later find out he has hypnotic powers as he tries to manipulate this random agent to take him to Stark’s weapons. Except only Dooley has the authority. The Doctor orders the agent to commit suicide.

Sousa confirms with a witness that Carter was the woman who beat him up and tells Dooley, who orders agents to bring her in. It reminded me of when Steve Rogers was declared a fugitive in Winter Soldier. Peggy is cornered by agents at the diner but obviously fights them off. To his credit, Jarvis helps. Chad Michael Murray, whose name I finally remember, it’s Jack, is waiting for her in the back alley and she takes him down too. Sousa pulls a gun on her but she calls his bluff and runs off to retrieve Steve’s blood.
At her apartment, she has another great scene with Angie. Earlier in the episode, they have a moment in the diner where Peggy tells Angie not to give up on her dream of becoming an actress. While Peggy is hiding from the agents on the ledge just outside of Angie’s room, she puts on the performance of a lifetime, crying at will and convincing them to leave. I love their friendship so much. But it’s all for naught, since Dottie runs into Peggy as she’s making her escape and uses her own lipstick against her then feigns innocence. The agents bring a disoriented Peggy in and the episode ends as her interrogation is about to begin.

All in all, a great way to set up everything that happens in this week’s episode: “Snafu”. Very aptly named, because things…GO…DOWN. We have yet another disturbing flashback from the Doctor, this time as he hypnotizes a soldier not to feel pain during an amputation. We discover just how powerful his hypnotic powers are. Back in present day, Sousa, Thompson and Dooley take turns trying to break Carter, who obviously doesn’t. Hayley Atwell’s acting is just on point in this episode. I mean she’s always great but she shines even more in this one.
Jarvis to the rescue. He comes in with a signed confession by Howard Stark in exchange for Peggy’s release. The chief wants Stark in person and keeps Jarvis and Peggy until he arrives. He tells Carter she’s fired. Peggy deduces from Jarvis that the confession is a fake and that Stark is not coming. Before they can think up a way to escape, Peggy sees the Doctor in Dooley’s office tapping out Morse code and translates the message that something will happen in 90 minutes. She decides to reveal everything to Dooley and the other agents to regain their trust, dropping some truth about how they all didn’t notice what she was doing because of her gender. Then she shows them Steve’s blood in yet another touching scene. The chief tells Thompson and Sousa to check the other building out with a couple of agents. The Doctor sees them crossing the street from the window (Seriously?! Get him away from there, already!) and cranks up his hypnotic hold on Dooley.
While Dottie and Sousa fight, Dooley locks Carter and Jarvis in the interrogation room and gives Ivchenko Item 17 of Stark’s weapons. Then we flash to a scene with the chief coming home to his family and reuniting with his wife, but alas, it was just a fantasy. In reality, he’s actually still in his office, wearing an explosive vest. Why are all of Howard’s inventions the absolute worse?! The scientists don’t know what to do. Carter and Jarvis are at a loss. Finally, Dooley realizes what he has to do: sacrifice himself to save everyone. After asking Jack to tell his wife sorry he missed dinner and making Peggy promise to catch the people responsible, he jumps out the window just in time. This was actually such a tragic scene. The more we found out about Dooley, the more he grew on me. They’re really not afraid of killing off characters in this show. I guess it’s probably because of the limited episode count.

Meanwhile, we see that Item 17 is a gas that makes people go crazy and kill each other? What is this, Joker Gas? Maybe it’s because a villain that had a similar superpower was in The Flash just recently, but the reveal didn’t affect me all that much. What exactly does Leviathan want with it? I guess everything will be revealed in the series finale.

I simultaneously can’t wait but also don’t want it to end.


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