Throwback Thursday: Agent Carter Finale RECAP

No, say it ain’t so. I am very sad that Season 1 of Agent Carter is now over. If you’ve been following my recaps (premiere, episode 3, episodes 4 & 5, episodes 6 & 7), you’ll know that I definitely enjoyed the show. The finale was no exception.
With Chief Dooley dead, it falls to Peggy, Thompson and Sousa to investigate the grisly deaths at the movie theatre. One look at a corpse is all it takes for Peggy to realize that the victims actually killed each other. Sousa gets doused by gas and attacks Thompson. They knock him out but not before he hits Peggy. There’s a great scene when he wakes up and is very broken up that he hurt Peggy. Have I mentioned previously that I ship them? I mean after Peggy and Steve, obviously.

Howard Stark turns up at the S.S.R. headquarters with Jarvis, looking exasperated. He tells them all about what happened at Finow and how the gas, “Midnight Oil”, was supposed to keep soldiers awake but instead turned them psycho. Feeling personally responsible for the deaths on the battlefield as well as those of Dooley and Krzeminski, not to mention the incident at the cinema, he volunteers to be bait for Leviathan. It’s revealed that the lone survivor of the Battle of Finow was Ivchenko aka Johann Fennhoff. Since I’m more of a DC fan, I definitely did not get that he was Doctor Faustus.

Side note on Leviathan: was the Doctor Leviathan? I thought Leviathan was an organization, and if so, then I guess it’s only made out of Dottie, Demidov and the Doctor? And what was their huge plan? Well, I’m getting to it.
Thompson gives a very public press conference clearing Stark’s name. Can I just say how much I love Howard? Dominic Cooper is the best. Peggy’s on the lookout and as if on cue, shots are fired. They trace the source to a nearby hotel but find out that the gun was rigged to go off automatically and Howard is kidnapped by a cop hypnotized by Fennhoff. I feel like Jarvis could’ve done more to stop this from happening, but moving on.

And now, prepare for some feels. Fennhoff preys on Howard’s guilt over Captain America’s “death” and hypnotizes Howard to thinking that he is flying one of his planes to try and save Cap, but he’s really on his way to douse “Midnight Oil” all over Times Square. Meanwhile, Peggy is tasked to foil Fennhoff, because obviously she’s the most capable one. Jarvis is Plan B, he flies another plane to shoot Stark’s down if it comes to that. Peggy kicks Dottie’s ass by kicking her out of a window. We think she’s dead, but she escapes. Thompson and Sousa take on Fennhoff and win thanks to Sousa’s earplugs, preventing the Doctor from hypnotizing them. After a pretty emotional back and forth, Peggy manages to snap Howard out of the brainwashing.
Then they seem to rush through the final scenes, Peggy gets a round of applause from her colleagues, not that she needed it. Thompson is still a jerk, he takes full credit for the arrest and the prevention of the disaster. Sousa asks Peggy out but she says maybe another time. Peggy and Angie get to live in one of Howard’s penthouses. My question is do they get Jarvis? Jarvis and Peggy reaffirm their bond and he gives her Steve’s blood. The final scene is Peggy on the Brooklyn Bridge, dumping the contents of the vial in the river. Oh man, that was hard to watch, especially when you think about the exchange Peggy and Steve have in The Winter Soldier. The shot looked beautiful though. I didn’t really care for the stinger with Zola.

Overall, the series as a whole was very enjoyable. Yes, there wasn’t much plot there. I mean, you can basically cut everything down to a two-hour movie. But that’s not the point. The point is to get to know the characters every week and I’m definitely going to miss them. I just want more Peggy. More Peggy and Angie. More Peggy and Jarvis. And what about the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

When is Season 2?


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