Must Watch Movie: John Wick

Happy Hump Day! In two days, the Blu-ray/DVD of John Wick is getting released and I would just like to take this opportunity to highly recommend it to one and all. Now, I was skeptical at first as well, but let me just tell you a little bit about why you definitely need to watch this movie ASAP.
It may sound like a Taken rip-off, which it kind of is, but infinitely more fun. Basically, Keanu Reeves plays John Wick, a seemingly normal guy whose wife just died. He is naturally devastated and comes home to find a present from his late wife…it’s a PUPPY! So somehow in this already-very-depressing opening, there is a bright little ray of sunshine. At first, he’s all awkward with it, but of course, he grows to love the adorable creature, even letting it sleep with him in bed. But this was obviously too good to last. He takes his vintage Mustang out for a spin with his dog, stopping at a local gas station, where he encounters Theon Greyjoy aka Alfie Allen and his gang of Russian thugs. He asks John if he can buy the car but John refuses and sort of insults him in Russian. Later that night, Theon and his gang break into John’s house, beat him up, steal his car, but most importantly, kill his dog. That’s right. Oh, it’s about to go down.

We then find out that Theon Greyjoy is the son of the head of the Russian syndicate in New York, which means it’s not going to be easy to get to him. But this is John Wick, we’re talking about, former hitman turned husband, that must now exact bloody revenge. And how he goes about it is just so freaking awesome. Words will not do it justice so I won’t even try and spoil it for you. Keanu is brilliant. The supporting cast is great. You have to go see it for yourself.

Don’t believe me? Maybe this will persuade you:


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