Tabletop Thursday: “Machi Koro” Review

The other day, Keith and I just wanted to play board games, but none of our friends were free, so we had the difficult task of picking a fun two-player game that’s not Jenga or Battleship. I guess we could’ve played Carcassonne or Takenoko, which are still fun with only two players, and yet something compelled us to go to our local board game cafe and try something new. And that game was Machi Koro.
I have seen the well-illustrated, colorful box plenty of times at multiple board game shops, but never really had the urge to pick it up. Keith, however heard good things about it, plus it didn’t hurt that the people behind the game (IDW) were also behind the Kill Shakespeare board game.
Now, there is no Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop video for this game (shocking I know!) but there are still a couple out there you can check out, but the rules are pretty simple: you have just been elected mayor of the city of Machi Koro and your goal is to buy buildings in order to gain enough income to buy four monuments. The first person to build all their monuments win. How do you gain income you ask? You’re at the mercy of roll of the dice, just like in Catan, which is why people refer to this game as a simpler and faster version, eliminating trade. That doesn’t mean it’s not cutthroat though. Certain rolls could mean you collect income from your opponents rather than the bank.
We had a lot of fun learning and playing this game. With two players, it goes by really fast. With all the different types of buildings, there’s a lot of ways to win. I’m interested to know how the dynamics would change with 4 players. Hopefully, we get to play it very soon. Happy Thursday!


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