Tabletop Thursday: Board Game Expansions For Your Collection

Following my reading recommendations yesterday, I was inspired to post about a few board game expansions worth adding to your collection:

Ticket to Ride: 1910
This is essential just to replace the tiny cards that comes with the original game

Ticket to Ride Nederland
It may be because I totally dominated when we played this version, but the introduction of bridge tolls adds a very interesting element to the original game. Read: Cutthroat.

Dixit Origins (or any of the other ones)
I’ve professed my love for Dixit so it comes as no surprise that we have already started acquiring the expansions. To be honest the toughest question was not if we would buy it but which one.

I’m excited to discover more board game expansions, namely for Lords of Waterdeep, Tokaido, Catan, Dominion, Carcassonne and Alhambra. Happy Thursday!



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2 responses to “Tabletop Thursday: Board Game Expansions For Your Collection

  1. My friend owns Dixit but for some reason he refuses to buy the expansions. This annoys me. The expansion for Lords of Waterdeep adds a new dimension to the game which is cool, although we don’t play with it all the time. The expansions for Catan get really fun, I love the Traders & Barbarian set because it comes with a load of different scenarios.

    • Oh man, you definitely need to convince your friend to at least buy one Dixit expansion. I already can’t wait to get another one! I will check out Traders & Barbarian next time, thanks for the recommendation.

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