What Happens in Vegas…

As 2019 comes to an end, I’ve been looking back at my year and realizing just how much I’ve travelled. I covered San Francisco but hesitated to write about my trip to Vegas because of the saying in this post’s title. I’ve since come to the conclusion that it was just too great of a trip not to share. Please note though that I’m strictly sticking to the scenic highlights and deliberately omitting all the juicy anecdotes.

When people say Vegas is the premier bachelorette party destination, this cannot be more true. As soon as you land, you will see crowns, sashes, matching shirts and accessories to distinguish the bachelorette posses from the other kinds of tourists that come to Sin City. We were no different and we embraced it wholeheartedly.

Without further ado, here are the must-hit milestones of a successful Vegas bachelorette party:

1. Visit the Grand Canyon

While Vegas is actually not at all close to this natural marvel, you absolutely need to go. There is nothing like seeing the canyon in person. Check this off your bucket list. Just make sure you don’t party too hard the night before you’ve planned to hike the canyon and that you double check that everyone is accounted for prior to leaving for the 10-hour round trip drive.

2. Explore the Strip

Even if you have no interest in gambling, there is an insane amount of things to see in Vegas. You can leave your hotel, walk the Strip on one side and have a completely different experience on the way back to your hotel walking on that same side. You don’t even need to spend money, you can just check out all of the hotels’ elaborate decor or watch the fountain and lights shows that change every day.

Even if you spend a month there, you will not run out of activities. Case in point: in the hotel we were staying at, they had an Avengers Exhibition that was right up my nerdy alley.

3. Catch a show (or two or three)

I cannot reiterate this point enough: Vegas has something for everyone and that also applies to shows. From the Cirque to Céline, there is a show for you so plan to watch at least one or one per night if you really want to take full advantage. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though you may already have seen a certain artist perform on tour in your hometown, their Vegas show will be completely different because it’s Vegas, baby! Everything needs to be bigger and better. We went to Aussie Heat (mandatory for a bachelorette), Opium (super fun and creative) and were lucky enough to be at the Backstreet Boys’ last show during their residency (dream come true for our teenage selves).

4. Splurge on food

As a foodie, Vegas was fabulous. Their restaurants are over the top and the food is actually good. Two standouts are Tao, with an entrance that has bathtubs filled with flower petals and candles, and Brunch at The Bellagio, with their bottomless mimosas accompanied by a perfect view of the fountains. Don’t worry though, we balanced out the bougie by going to Denny’s for breakfast.

5. Party like a rock star

As a female tourist in Vegas, you can’t walk two feet without a promoter inviting you to a party, promising booze, booths and boys. Lucky for us, we had all that covered via the bride’s highly connected sister-in-law. She took our Vegas partying to the next level. I’m talking limo ride, a night with the Chainsmokers at XS and a day with David Guetta at Encore’s Pool Party complete with line by-pass and no cover. Even without the hookups, you can still party just as hard but you might need to wait in line more.

I have a lot more stories and inside jokes from this trip but what I am really taking away is that we celebrated a wonderful bride and I got to know and bonded with a great group of girls. It’s a shame we all live so far away from each other but we will always have Vegas 2019.

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