Honeymooning in the Philippines

I count myself lucky that one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world just so happens to be the country I’m from. It seems like a no-brainer that for our honeymoon we’d choose the Philippines but we actually considered going back to Europe or other Asian countries like Japan or Singapore. I’ll admit I was the one who needed convincing since I grew up in the Philippines and thought we should go someplace new. I’m very grateful we did end up going to my birth country because it was an unforgettable experience that balanced family time with alone time.

One thing to note is with the Philippines being an archipelago of seven thousand plus islands, there is no shortage of picturesque destinations to choose from. For the first part of our honeymoon, that choice was made for us since my mother’s side of the family was having a reunion in Palawan.

Specifically, we went to Coron and it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to in the world. They take nature preservation very seriously (no plastic allowed on any of the island hopping tours) so you get pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and cotton candy pink sunsets. If paradise could exist on earth, it probably would be Coron.

We went snorkelling and island hopping, we swam in several lagoons and beaches as well as swimming pools. I’m thankful that my husband’s first trip to the Philippines started out being surrounded by 20 members of my loud, funny and generous Filipino family. We ate all our meals together, needed a big van to take us everywhere and even all got sick together, it was the ultimate family reunion.

After Palawan, I also got to spend time with my dad and his side of the family. We went to the cutest bed and breakfast in Tagaytay, a popular holiday town near Manila. I say “near” but with traffic, it can take almost 3 hours to get there. But it was the perfect corner for relaxing and recharging after being constantly on the go in Coron.

I also wanted Keith to experience Metro Manila so we spent a few more days there. Our base was the Shangri-La in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). We had the best time exploring all the shops and restaurants around.

Finally it was time for the second half of our honeymoon, this time just the two of us. We chose Panglao, Bohol as the island we’d go to and we stayed in Amorita Resort.

From the warm hospitality to the eco-friendly products to the complimentary sunset cocktails, we highly recommend Amorita to anyone going to Bohol. The service was impeccable and the amenities were lovely. We couldn’t have chosen a better honeymoon hotel.

There’s also a lot to see outside of the resort and we went on a guided tour of Bohol by car. The major sites are close to one another so we only needed a day to see them all. If you’re pressed for time, the two must-sees are the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers. But make sure you go to the Corella Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary and not the other more touristy one (Loboc Conservation) that doesn’t actually respect the specific needs of this endangered species.

After we explored Bohol, the rest of our stay was spent enjoying each other’s company in our villa with private pool, lounging in the resort’s two infinity pools, getting massages in their spa and indulging in amazing meals from their Spanish tapas restaurant.

We were super sad to leave this heavenly resort and our only consolation was telling ourselves that we would eventually be back someday…back to Amorita and definitely back to the Philippines.

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