Welcome! Yes, fine, it’s another lifestyle blog that combines all the things I love in life, but I can’t help that I’m this awesome. Ok, so the title doesn’t really roll off the tongue but at least it’s alliterated! Sort of.

What will you see on this blog?  There will be something for everyone. And I mean, everyone! Yes, even you.

Posts will be categorized into Fashion, Food or Fandom. Sometimes, they can even be about all three categories!

Why? Because I’m not just a girly girl (I have a weakness for nail polish), I’m not just a foodie (secretly, aren’t we all?) and I’m not just a fangirl of all things nerdy/geeky (does anyone really know the difference?). I’m all of the above and I’m guessing a lot of you out there are as well. Right? Right?! Come on, don’t leave me hanging over here.

One response to “About

  1. amatterofinstinct

    Same! Not just a . . . .one thing or other. Love your blog.

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