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Agent Carter & The Fashion It Inspires

Last week I wrote my reviews for the 2-episode premiere and the 3rd episode of Agent Carter. Now I want to dedicate a post to Peggy’s amazing fashion sense. (Fair warning: As the show progresses, there may be more of these)


1. While it’s not red, this hat should be a little easier to match.
2. This skirt is Peggy-approved.
3. Red, white and blue = throwback to Cap


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REVIEW: “Agent Carter” Episode 3

I was sick yesterday so this post is going to be short and sweet, much like the episode in question. I think the 2-hour premiere ruined it for me because I wanted more Peggy after it ended.
After a somewhat harsh opening scene where a girl gets kicked out of the Griffith Ladies’ Hotel for having a guy in her room (that Houdini speech was dramatic), Peggy is all business. She enlists Jarvis’ help to figure out the mystery of the stolen Stark technology. But before he can help, he’s taken down for questioning by Chad Michael Murray (I’m going to learn his name soon, promise). Jarvis is almost worn down by the mention of treason charges against him but Peggy saves the day as per usual, not without consequence. She gets a very stern reprimand from her boss Agent Whats-his-face (I’m very bad with names).

But enough about her S.S.R. job, it’s time to be a double agent again. Like any good detective, she goes back to the scene of the crime and re-traces the thief’s steps. Obviously she figures it out in no time, after Jarvis reveals the real reason he was charged with treason: he forges his superior officer’s signature on papers that would help his wife, who is Jewish, flee Budapest.
They find the weapons on a boat bearing the symbol Leet Brannis drew in the sand. If that does turn out to be Leviathan’s symbol, it’s not the most menacing one is it? A heart? Anyways, Jarvis calls it in after convincing Peggy it would not be a good idea to reveal her involvement with the case. After another great Peggy fight scene, they don’t have time to bring the hired muscle with them so the S.S.R. finds him when they get there. The suspect is about to reveal Peggy’s identity to her co-worker (the really annoying one) but of course, they both get shot by an unknown assassin.

After only three hours, this show is already racking up quite the body count, I must say. But with only six episodes left, they have to move at warp speed. Was it just me or did the assassin seem like a woman? My money’s on the new girl that just moved into the hotel at the beginning of the episode. Highlights for me were the fight scene, Peggy’s jumpsuit and her heart to heart with Angie at the end of the episode. I also felt a little bad for Souza who was told to he basically has no chance with Peggy since he’s no Captain America. I’m starting to ship them slightly.
There’s still plenty of time to catch up on Agent Carter since there’s no new episode next week. Do it!


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REVIEW: “Agent Carter” Premiere

Yes I am aware that the third episode aired last night, however, last week I could not watch the 2-hour premiere of Agent Carter since I was staying at a hotel for my work conference. This Monday night, before the NCAA Championship, we finally had the chance to watch it in all its glory so here’s my late review. Two words: Hayley. Atwell.
She is perfection. Before I get ahead of myself, Agent Carter is an eight-episode mini-series that is currently airing during the mid-season hiatus of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have excitedly mentioned it a couple of times on this blog and it’s finally here!

Here’s what we know so far after essentially two episodes (not a lot which makes sense since it’s a spy show):

1. Peggy Carter is still recovering from the aftermath of World War II, mainly losing Steve and her sense of purpose in the world. She is now working for the “Phone Company”, which is code for Strategic Scientific Reserve.

2. Aside from war veteran Daniel Sousa, who has a crippled leg, the rest of Peggy’s co-workers, which include Chad Michael Murray, basically treat her as a glorified secretary.

3. Framed for selling his dangerous inventions to the highest bidder, Howard Stark comes to Peggy for her help to clear his name. He also brings together my new favorite team-up: Peggy and Jarvis. At first I thought Jarvis would be discount Alfred but he’s actually his own character. Alternating between concern for household chores and a slight penchant for danger, it’s a joy to watch him work with Carter.
4. Peggy loves disguises. So far, she’s dressed up as a glamorous blonde to infiltrate a nightclub and intercept the molecular nitramine that can and does level an entire oil refinery (one of Stark’s dangerous inventions). And then as a health and safety inspector in order to track down the truck filled with more nitramine. May I just say how much I love her outfits? I want her office wardrobe to be my office wardrobe (future blog post idea!). NEED that hat.

5. Initially, there were two bad guys after the nitramine both without larynxes and supposedly working for “Leviathan”, an organization. We find out later on that one of them is Leet Brannis, who has now turned against “Leviathan”. Carter tries to bring him in but is stopped by the other man who is still loyal to the organization. After a pretty epic fight on top of a milk truck, Carter, Jarvis and Brannis leap off but Brannis doesn’t survive.
My feelings about this show are pretty much the complete opposite of when I watched the pilot for S.H.I.E.L.D. This was right up my alley with a clear storyline, great cast, awesome action scenes and a terrific lead. Hayley Atwell kicks some major ass and looks damn good doing it. We see her defending her waitress friend from a rude customer, telling Sousa she doesn’t need defending against sexism in the workplace and mourns the loss of her roommate. In short, she’s an actual person. This Buzzfeed list does a great job explaining all the awesome moments from the premiere. I’m very excited to watch the next episode.

Since I’m behind on my Agent Carter reviews, I’ll have my thoughts on episode 3 tomorrow instead of an “It Happened This Week” post.


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