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Spring Essentials

Happy end of Monday (and hopefully end of winter)! I know it’s been a week since I’ve posted, but in my defence, work and family took up all my time last week. But I’m back, baby, and here are my some of my suggestions to user in springtime:
1. A face mask to prep your skin for all those spring walks
2. Bright pretty nails thanks to these
3. Celebrate the season with this lip colour
4. Scalloped bag, the better to go everywhere with
5. My dream spring dress


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Happy Tea-sday! DAVIDsTEA Review: Spring 2014 Collection

Now I may be currently in the Philippines, but I wrote this before I left so you can learn more about something I discovered last week: the amazing new Spring collection by David’s Tea! I’m not quite sure what temperature it is over there as you’re reading this but what makes this collection great is that the teas can be both hot or iced.

Take my favorite one from the collection for example:
I had it hot but I could tell that it’s very reminiscent of their other tea, Blueberry Jam, which is amazing iced. It’s a black tea, so I’m already partial to it, but add in the mango and the pomegranate and bam! Goodbye winter and bonjour spring.

My boyfriend really likes this next one, another black tea:
I tried this and thought it would taste better iced but Keith had it warm and liked it. It’s so refreshing and actually tastes “cool” even when it’s warm. There’s a minty quality to it that’s balanced with cucumber obviously but also honeydew melon. If you’re looking for something to flavor your water this summer, then stock up on this.

I haven’t gotten around to trying the others in the collection, but I’ve heard great things. They also came out with new spring accessories with a very “Under the Sea” theme that I’m in love with. I could not resist getting this whale mug that changes colors! Isn’t it adorable?!
One minute the whales are chillin’, just hanging out, all dark blue…
but once you add hot water, they turn into belugas (with two that become light blue)!
Be sure to check the collection out and happy Tuesday!

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St. Patrick’s Day 2014 & The Fashion It Inspires

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the other side of the world! Or almost…I’m actually not quite sure where I am exactly, since I wrote this post last week. I’m either on a plane from Japan to the Philippines or I’m already in Manila but in any case I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day! Even if this day falls on a Monday and I already celebrated last Saturday with my friends before boarding the plane Sunday, you can still incorporate some green into your outfit and have a glass of green beer after work.

I discovered my love for St. Patty’s Day when I moved to Toronto and every year I’ve looked forward to being Irish for a day. Here are some of my favorite pieces inspired by the Emerald Isle:

1. Forget ruby slippers, it’s all about these emerald heels. And the best part? They’re $32!
2. This top is a more stylish version of the traditional St. Patty’s Day t-shirt.
3. Perfect transition piece from winter to spring.
4. I love this bag for two reasons, it adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit and it’s called ‘Audrey’.
5. If you didn’t know Aran sweaters were traditionally Irish, now you do. This one is in a non-traditional shade of green because who gives a damn about the rules?
6. I couldn’t not include a four-leaf clover in this list. May this bracelet give you the luck of the Irish! As a bonus, it’s already gold. Pot and rainbow not included.

Celebrate extra hard for me. Happy Monday!

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Not-So-Mundane Monday: Vacation Must-Haves

Not only does March mark the beginning of Spring but it’s also my birthday month! And this year will be extra special because I get to spend it with my family in the Philippines. That’s right, this coming Sunday I’m leaving on a five-week vacation to get away from the winter weather but mostly so I can see my dad and the rest of my family back in the Philippines. It’s been a couple years since I last saw them…actually the last time was when I had just been accepted into university and now that I’ve finished my degree, it’s time to go back. This would mean that my blog posts are going to be less frequent and understandably, I may not get to post everyday like I have been the past few months. Hopefully you all bear with me but obviously, I’m going to try and write as much as possible.

For now, here are some of my tropical getaway must-haves:
1. I get very paranoid about protecting myself from the sun so I make sure the SPF is high enough.
2. Kate Spade’s new collection is amazing and this sandal just screams sun.
3. I can’t believe I don’t have a bikini in my favorite color. This must be rectified ASAP.
4. I hate how frizzy my hair can get in humid weather so I need help in achieving the perfect surf girl look.
5. This ring from the aforementioned Kate Spade collection reminds me of diving and snorkelling, two of my favorite activities. Plus it makes me feel like a mermaid!
6. I’m the kind of person who likes to match her beach tote with her bikini.

If you’re not going on vacation anytime soon, fret not because after spring comes summer! Hang in there.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday one and all! Let me share a few of my favorite things from this week. The Oscars have come and gone. It was a great show and an even greater party spent with my friends. I made Red (Velvet) Carpet Cupcakes:
To celebrate Mardi Gras, we had breakfast for dinner in the form of pancakes and bacon. I thought about giving up bacon for Lent and thought…hmmm…better not.
Yesterday, March 6th, was Toronto’s 180th birthday! It’s been almost 5 years since I moved here to study and now I can truly call it my home. As much as I complain about the TTC, this past winter and other typical city things, I actually really love Toronto. I can’t wait to have more adventures in this beautiful metropolis.
And finally today is a glorious day because the Game of Thrones “Catch the Throne: The Mixtape” has been released and you can download it here. You’re welcome. HBO is yet again building up the anticipation for the Season 4 premiere and I for one cannot handle it anymore.
On that note, have a great weekend! Valar morghulis.


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Tasty Tuesday: Anticipating Spring Recipe Round-up

Yesterday, I did a post about how fed up with winter everyone is, from the polar vortex in the US to the deep freeze warnings in Canada, we’re so happy March is here and spring is just around the corner. The season may mean a change in wardrobe but I also see it as a change in menu. We can stop obsessing about all things warm in an attempt to ward off the cold, like soups and stews. Spring recipes bring in mind vibrant veggies, fresh flavors and lighter dishes, the better to prepare us for bathing suit season.

1. Spring chicken in a pot: I love the idea of taking a casserole and making it lighter. It’ll still keep you warm during the last days of winter but it tastes undeniably like spring.
2. I love quiches and can’t wait to try this one which combines two of my favorite veggies, asparagus and leek:
3. Instead of a just a salad or just pasta, why not combine the two to make the perfect thing to kick off spring?
4. Forget hot chocolate! This drink will make you feel like it’s patio season already and isn’t it all about visualization anyways?
5. Of course I have to include cupcakes and these are perfect for spring and Easter, two birds with one stone!
Get it? Since they’re nests? Well, I crack myself up and that’s what’s important. Hopefully these recipes can cure you of the winter blues. Hang in there, springtime shall be upon us soon!

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First Monday in March: Anticipating Spring!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Oscars last night. I know I did. Ellen was her usual hilarious self and my predictions came true for the most part. I’m so happy 12 Years a Slave won, the film I was rooting for since I first saw it. Now that awards season is over with, we can turn our attention to the arrival of spring. If, like me, you live in Toronto, or just Canada in general, chances are you’re pretty fed up with winter by now. I have been since January. Thankfully I’m heading to warm waters soon as I shall be visiting my family in the Philippines for 5 whole weeks (more on that in later posts). I’ve got sun and sand on my mind, but before I get ahead of myself, it’s time to say goodbye to the snow and hello to my favorite season.

Oh spring, in the immortal words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”…

Spring Cleaning: spring gives us a chance to get rid of clutter and get organized so when I get back from my vacation, I fully intend to do just that. I’m loving these pieces from Anthropologie.
1. Codify Pencil Holder
2. Owl Brooch Cabinet
3. Paper Clip Letter Holder

Spring Colors: Pastels and florals always make me think of spring, so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for these in the Philippines so I can update my wardrobe when I come back. I am all about J. Crew’s new March collection.
1. Liberty boy shirt in Mixed Floral
2. Pleated crepe short in Warm Blush
3. Silk pocket blouse in Mint
4. Windowpane floral silk top

Tomorrow I will post part 2 of my Spring Anticipation with recipes inspired by the season!

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