A Doctor Who Christmas, A Sherlock New Year & A Community January 2nd!


The holidays this year are going to be very enjoyable indeed! We fans are blessed by the TV gods with our favorite shows airing on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and well, the day after New Year, which is not really a holiday but still, SHUSH.

Let me start with a very merry Whovian Christmas. This year’s Doctor Who Christmas special is called “The Time of the Doctor” and it’s going to be the last appearance of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and the first appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. What we know so far: Steven Moffatt will address the twelve regenerations limit, the teaser shows the Doctor in Trenzalore and facing Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen and The Silence & another BBC teaser its holiday lineup has Clara introducing the Doctor as her boyfriend. I’m both sad and excited for this special. After David Tennant left, I didn’t know if my Whovian life could go on but Matt Smith won me over and now it’s his turn to go. Here’s the full-length trailer that makes me want to scream “Is Christmas here yet?”:

Now let’s have a Happy Sherlock New Year! I’ve just realized that we owe two of our nerdy holiday celebrations to Steven Moffat. Hats off to you, sir. Us Sherlock fans have been counting down the days, maybe even the hours, until this amazing show graces our TV screens again. Seriously though, how long has it been since “The Reichenbach Fall”? And to leave us with such a cliffhanger, even though you know that (hashtag) Sherlock Lives, was just plain cruel. That’s why Christmas came early when they finally announced a return date for Series 3. Plus since we waited so long, they decided to spoil us by giving us a mini-episode/prequel airing on Christmas Day. But for now, let’s all watch the full-length trailer again until our lives regain their meaning on the first day of 2014:

And finally, if you’re looking for something to do after watching Sherlock Series 3’s Episode 1 “The Empty Hearse” and the painful wait before Episode 2, then look no further because October 19th is on January 2nd. Confused? What I mean is Community Season 5 premieres on January 2nd! The Greendale gang is back and so is Dan Harmon. Chevy Chase is gone and Donald Glover will only appear in a handful of episodes. Regardless, I’ll still be watching and hoping for “SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!” Plus they’re going to have a ton of amazing guest stars this season like Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks and creator Vince Gilligan. Levar Burton, Brie Larson and John Oliver are returning. Arrested Development‘s David Cross and creator Mitch Hurwitz will also appear. So will Sons of Anarchy‘s Robert Patrick. And my most anticipated guest star: Nathan Fillion! I’m so pumped. Here’s the trailer for Season 5:


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