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Start off 2015 in style!

Happy 2015 everyone! I extended my hiatus from the blog by a week since work got pretty busy with a conference last week. My sister just moved to the city to attend university at my alma mater, Glendon College. We helped her get set up in residence and it got me to thinking of new beginnings and getting ready for the year to come. Here are a few of things to start off 2015 the right way:


1. I have been eyeing this agenda for awhile. I love the look and the fact that it has space for all the books you wanna read, the movies you wanna watch, and restaurants to try.

2. Redecorating our apartment is on our to-do list this year, so maybe I can find a place for this print.

3. The perfect winter-to-spring beauty set.

4. How can you argue with this mug‘s message?

5. The perfect gift to yourself: this classic tote bag.


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Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Food

Happy Tuesday all! Part Two of my gift guide series continues today with ideas for all your foodie friends:

1. Inspired by the Beer & Chocolate pairing class taught by Crystal Luxmore, I’m bringing this Raspberry Lambic and Dark Chocolate for the office X’mas party gift exchange.

2. You can’t go wrong with the Top 12 most popular teas from DAVID’s TEA.

3. Who doesn’t love cheese or bread or monograms?

4. I’m in love with these glasses. I may just get them for myself.

5. For the beer-lover in your life, this mixed pack of abbey ales should do just the trick. This might also end up in the “keeping it for myself” pile.

Click here for Part One.

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Father’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

In case you don’t own a calendar or haven’t looked it up on Google, this Sunday, June 15th, is Father’s Day. My dad lives in the Philippines so I can’t exactly spend it with him in person but luckily I visited him a few months ago. For those of you lucky enough to be able to see your dad on Father’s Day, here a few gift suggestions:

1. When my dad came to Toronto for my graduation, I took him to a Jays game and he loved it. It remains one of my fondest memories.

2. I’ve heard only good things about this bestseller.

3. One can never go wrong with a nice tie in a fun color.

4. My boyfriend’s dad loves this movie and so will you.

5. Who doesn’t love beer? If your dad doesn’t, there’s always his favorite bottle of (insert liquor here).

6. An overnight bag so he can come visit you more often.

Happy Thursday and if you live in Ontario, don’t forget to vote!

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Mother’s Day 2014 Gift Guide Inspired By My Mom

Happy Monday! Mother’s Day is almost upon us and since I won’t be with my mom, I’m especially nostalgic and sentimental about it this year. Of course, I wanted to do a gift guide but this one is personally inspired by things my mom loves.
1. A candle that smells like Tuscany in spring would definitely fit well in my mom’s house.
2. Every time she comes to visit, she requests cupcakes and I bet any mom would love a box from Dlish.
3. My mom loves to entertain and this pastel serving bowl is perfect for spring get-togethers.
4. I’m not sure if it’s just my mom who seems like she has everything and anything in her handbag but if your mom likes to carry a lot too, then this tote definitely has the space to fit it all.
5. If there’s one thing I know about my mom is that she can’t function without her morning coffee and this travel mug means she can drink it on her way to work.
6. Aside from coffee, my mom likes tea as well. David’s Tea has released adorable limited edition tea sets for Mother’s Day and this Chai set would still give my mom her caffeine fix.

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs & The Fashion They Inspire

Jumping right back in the swing of things with my first Monday fashion post since I got back and it combines all of my favorite things: hockey, the Habs, fandom and fashion. For those of you who are not aware and I don’t know how you could miss it if you follow me on Twitter, I am a gigantic Montreal Canadiens fan and this year, not only are they the only Canadian team to make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs but they have swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, so you know, no big deal. Anyways, here are a few pieces that remind me of the playoffs but that are still just great spring additions to your wardrobe regardless of whether you like hockey or not.

1. The Canadiens also known as the Habs may have swept the Lightning but they were still a formidable opponent and my heart was in my throat for every game so to salute them, here are some cute earrings:

2. Speaking of the Habs, they’re also known as Bleu Blanc Rouge (Blue White Red) and this dress from the new Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger collection is a more stylish option than a jersey to cheer on my team:

3. The Hockey Sweater is a beloved children’s book featuring the Habs and I found this sweater that can also be worn once the season’s over:

4. The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy to end all championship trophies. The Habs have won it a record 24 times and are the last Canadian team to do so. We are currently gunning to lift it up for the 25th time this year. Oh to be able to bring that sweet silver back to Montreal…for now, I’ll settle for this silver dress:

I am so excited (but also super anxious to face the Bruins AGAIN) for Round 2 of the NHL playoffs and the fact that I’m back in Canada to cheer my Canadiens on. GO HABS GO!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week and here’s to an even greater weekend. I’ve got Oscar on my mind because of my annual Academy Awards viewing party. The menu has been finalized and I’ve already printed this year’s ballots, found here.
I can’t wait to watch the show with my friends but first, let me share a few of my favorite things from this week. I found a new obsession in the form of Dominion. We’ve played it six times in the span of two nights I think? It’s best enjoyed with wine.
This week, the Lois Lane solo one-shot came out and I was so happy it actually happened. Now if they could only give her an ongoing already…
Continuing the gold theme from the Olympics all the way to the Oscars:
I can’t wait to see the dresses, watch Ellen and find out who takes home the big prize. Happy viewing!

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2014 Olympic Gold Medal Game and the Fashion It Inspires

Yesterday, along with my fellow Canadians across the country as well as all over the world, I watched the 2014 Winter Olympics Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Game. Much like most of Canada, I can remember exactly where I was in 2010 when Sidney Crosby scored the overtime goal: in our university common room, holding hands with my best friends, while my new American boyfriend cheered for the opposing team. Four years later, I’ve graduated university; I’m now living with the aforementioned American boyfriend who remained asleep since his team was eliminated while I was in the living room in my pyjamas with my red Olympic mittens on, cheering for Team Canada. From the goals by Toews, Crosby and Kunitz to Price’s amazing shutout, I simply can’t choose my favorite moment. Actually, scratch that, my favorite moment had to be the comeback by our women’s hockey team. That was epic.

Canada did amazingly well at Sochi and our athletes made us so proud. The Olympics may be over but this high will last us for awhile. I for one intend to keep celebrating with some of these pretty gold things:

1. Vintage Metallic sweatshirt from J.Crew
2. Wildlife Lowball glasses from Indigo
3. Good as Gold idiom bangle from Kate Spade
4. Glitter & Gold tea from DAVID’s TEA
5. Scented candle from Kate Spade
6. Gold-stripe cork iPhone case from J.Crew

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